We harness the healing powers of Ayurveda and the energetic properties of plants and herbs to create bespoke natural and medicinal plant dyes. Each dye bath is crafted in small batches according to specifications to dye hand spun threads and infuse them with healing energies before they are woven into textiles and fabrics.

AyurSatwa is committed to creating meaningful and toxin-free lifestyle products for the mindful consumer of today powered by the ancient knowledge, traditions, and principles of Ayurvastra.

Our Values



AyurSatwa was founded in 2016 by Gauri Kuchhal, AyurSatwa’s founder and director. Her dedication to dive deep into refining her knowledge and expertise of the ancient legacies of indigenous dyeing techniques, textiles, and the treatises of Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old Vedic system of health and wellness is the foundation of AyurSatwa.


Her spiritual journey guides her path forward and propels AyurSatwa’s vision, direction and offerings of handcrafted natural and medicinal plant dyeing services to clients as well as handloom wellness lifestyle products.



All of our herbs and plants for our dye baths are ethically sourced from holistic family farms that practice sustainable farming and use natural and traditional farming techniques. We adhere to strict guidelines to create holistic, natural artisanal dye baths in our workshops. 

Our Ayurvedic dye baths are formulated according to the ancient prescriptions of Ayurveda to create threads that are woven into healing fabrics. Our natural plant dyes are handcrafted in small batches to create beautiful natural hues that are gentle on the body and environment. 


We source only the highest quality plants and herbs and during the dyeing process, we infuse all of our threads and fabrics with positive energy through focused intentions and chanting of Sanskrit mantras to energize and bless what we are making to bring you a product that is meaningful, authentic, and pure.



All of our methods and techniques for our handcrafted products are close to nature and rooted in folk and Vedic traditions. We invest in making zero-waste and toxin-free products that are good for you, the environment, and the communities that are keeping these arts alive in India for the world to know and share.


We believe that investing in processes and people that support the environment, community based ways of living and traditional arts and knowledge helps to support a rich legacy for generations to come.

Gauri Kuchhal founder of AyurSatwa

Gauri Kuchhal

Founder & Curator, 


AyurSatwa was born in 2016 out of my passion for natural plant dyes and a spiritual journey that led me to learning age-old techniques and sacred knowledge from masters and gurus across India.

I created AyurSatwa to share this art and knowledge with the world.


AyurSatwa is about a return to simplicity that is expressed in a commitment to slow craft, sustainability, and integrating traditional wisdom and ways of living in our day-to-day experiences.


I am very blessed to have found the power of Ayurveda and meditation along with the blessings of my gurus to guide my path forward. I’m so happy to share this knowledge and these blessings with people everywhere.


Thank you for being here and I’d love to connect with you!