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Create With Us

Elevate your designs with the healing powers of Ayurvastra. 

We collaborate with global designers, entrepreneurs, and lifestyle brands that want to make a positive impact with their work.


Create holistic lifestyle products with us.

Ayurvedic Herbs

Sustainable Sourcing

  • Natural fibers
  • Natural plant dyes
  • Natural Ayurvedic herbs
We support local ecologies and economies.

Eco-Friendly Practices

  • Zero-waste
  • No synthetic chemicals
  • Non-toxic
We follow the practices of Ayurvastra that are naturally eco-friendly.

Yoga Mats
Bolsters & Cushions
Lounge Wear
Scarves & Sarongs
Handloom Towels
Textiles & Fabrics


Healing Textiles

  • Hand spun threads
  • Handloom fabrics
  • Natural plant-based dyes infused with Ayurvedic medicinal herbs 
Our fabrics support the well-being and good health of the wearers, makers and the planet.

Designer-Friendly Approach

  • Develop bespoke color palettes for your projects
  • Access our Ayurvedic dyeing expertise
  • Low MOQs
Work directly with AyurSatwa's founders to elevate your designs into products that make a positive impact. 

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