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Indian Gum Arabic

बबूल (Babbūla)

Acacia nilotica

Indian Gum Arabic grows throughout India with many abundant natural forests in Rajasthan. Known in Hindi as Babool, it is a versatile tree whose many parts are used for different purposes. 

Various Ayurvedic formulations are created from its pods, seeds, leaves, flowers, stem and bark and is prized for its brilliant Kapha pacifying action.

The bark of the tree is rich in tannins and creates beautiful earth tones when used as a plant dye. Colors range from warm tans to grey bark. 

It is also knownt to have powerful medicinal properties and like Neem, is used as to make traditional chewing sticks that are antiseptic and antibacterial. In Ayurveda it is used as excellent astringent, anti-parasitic, and aids in proper digestion.  

The gum from this tree is edible and is also used to make sweets and as a natural emulsifier. 

Babool also plays an important role in maintaining healthy and balanced local ecologies. It impacts the environment through land reclamation, land enrichment, protection from fire and wind, and as a refuge for a diverse group of indigenous birds, mammals, insects.

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All our dye baths are prepared with kashyam, an Ayurvedic concoction of medicinal herbs. The dye bath is energetically charged with an invocation of the Gayatri mantra. 

Threads are triple-washed with fresh water and soapnut to reduce color bleeding and fading.
Care for your naturally dyed products by washing with a gentle cleanser like soapnut and air drying in the shade.
Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid uneven fading of color. 

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