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About Us

Empowering people with the art of Ayurvastra.

Ayurveda recognizes that the wellbeing of the individual, the community, and the environment are woven together.

If the individual is well and nourished, then they are empowered to support their community.
If the community is well and nourished, it is empowered to support the wellness of the environment.
And, the environment is well when we recognize that our wellbeing  and empowerment is intrinsically bound to Mother Earth.


AyurSatwa was founded by mother and son duo Gauri and Shreshth Kuchhal as a medium to share the joy of using holistic and healing fabrics.

Using natural plant and medicinally dyed textiles and garments has been an age-old tradition in Gauri’s family. Gauri’s mother used natural plant dyed fabrics to create swaddle cloths and clothing for all infants and young children in the family.


This practice was passed down and Gauri followed in her mother's footsteps by making her own turmeric dyed fabrics for her children when they were born.

AyurSatwa was founded in 2016 to share the healing synergy of natural plant dyes, Ayurvedic herbs, and handloom fabrics.

Shreshth joined AyurSatwa in 2019 to grow its reach with successful collaborations with international designers and yoga lifestyle brands.


All our textiles, yoga mats, towels, meditation cushions and lifestyle products are created with a foundation of integrity, purity and impeccable quality.

My passion for natural plant dyes led me on spiritual journey to learn sacred knowledge and traditional techniques from gurus across India.

I envisioned AyurSatwa to share this art and knowledge with the world.
AyurSatwa is about a return to simplicity. We integrate slow craft, sustainability, and traditional wisdom as a way of living.
- Gauri Kuchhal
Founder, AyurSatwa

We work with weavers, dyers, global brands, and designers. 

Together, we are the new caretakers of the ancient art of Ayurvastra.

AyurSatwa is committed to preserving the Ayurvedic heritage of creating natural, healing fabrics. These practices are known as Ayurvastra.


With the rise of the Industrial Age and cheaply produced, factory-made, and chemically processed garments, the practice of Ayurvastra gradually fell out of demand.


However, this knowledge was carefully handed down through a select lineage of Ayurvedic masters, traditional dyers and weavers.

Our founder, Gauri Kuchhal, spent years learning and practicing the art of Ayurvastra alongside masters and practitioners across India.

Today AyurSatwa offers a way to sustain this art and tradition for future generations. 


Create With Us

Join a new lineage of the caretakers of Ayurvastra.

We would love to help you create your next healing textile lifestyle product with us!
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