AyurSatwa products are available exclusively through retail partners and wellness retreats in India and around the world. We love working with people and business that:

  • are creating a positive impact in the world 

  • want to bring mindful products to their customers

  • interested in building enduring partnerships and growing together

  • want to develop lifestyle products for white label

Contact us  to learn how you and your business can partner with AyurSatwa to hand dye your threads or fabric with our proprietary small batch, artisanal dyes that are hand-blended using natural and medicinal plants and herbs. 


Our handloomed, natural plant dyed yoga and meditation mats and accessories are also available for wholesale.  


To learn more about our services, products and how you can collaborate with AyurSatwa, please fill out our wholesale form below and we will get back to you at the earliest. Response times are approximately 1-2 business days:

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