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We are focused on creating pure and natural plant based artisanal dye baths that are energetically charged. By working in small batches we can commit to a process that is sustainable, toxin-free and supports the environment, healthy communities and a zero-waste product cycle.


preparation of fabric dye made with turmeric

Natural Plant and Medicinal Ayurvedic Dyeing

At AyurSatwa, we create natural plant and medicinal Ayurvedic dye baths to hand-dye threads and textiles to create wholesome lifestyle products that support the individual, the environment and artisan communities in achieving balance and harmony within the body and the environment. We use all natural plants and herbs with a zero-waste guideline. Every dye-bath is energetically charged and activated prior to  the dyeing process.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and your skin’s pores are constantly breathing, absorbing and releasing.


Ayurvedic medicinally-dyed and natural plant-dyed fabrics not only eliminate harmful chemical and toxic processes and by products, but also help support the body to come into balance through absorbing the healing properties of threads infused with the powerful


Ayurvedic combinations of plants and herbs as they come in contact with the skin.



Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old Vedic system of health and well being that strives to achieve balance within the body of the individual by understanding her body type, external environment and emotional and mental make up. Along with the practices of Yoga and Pranayama, Ayurveda uses the healing power of plants and herbs to help support the body and mind in achieving balance and peace within that individual’s environment.


Ayurvedic medicinally dyed fabrics use the knowledge and prescribed herbal combinations of the 5,000 year old Vedic holistic system of health and well being of Ayurveda to uplift clothing and textiles to support balance in the body and healthy environments. All authentic Ayurvedic medicinal dyes are prepared without the use of mordants as prescribed in Ayurvedic texts.


For medicinal dye baths, we recommend dying threads rather than fabrics to keep the integrity of the medicinal properties of plants and herbs intact in the threads themselves. The dye baths are meticulously prepared and charged with Sanskrit mantras prior to commencing the dyeing process.


We hand dye threads in small batches to ensure that the medicinal properties are absorbed deeply and to maintain quality and uniformity in the dyeing process. Once the threads have been prepared and treated with medicinal dyes, they are hand woven on wooden, human-powered looms into healing fabrics and textiles. The weaving process helps to interlock the power of the medicinal properties of the plants and herbs into the fabric itself. This creates healing fabrics that are charged, long lasting and used for creating wellness clothing, yoga mats, towels and other lifestyle products tailored to meet specific Ayurvedic guidelines.

If you are a designer or maker and would like to learn more about our Ayurvedic medicinal dyeing services please contact us using our wholesale form.



Natural plant dyes are used to impart beautiful, natural hues to fabrics. They are used primarily to avoid the harmful chemicals and toxins that pollute the environment and are harmful to the body. 

Our natural plant dyes are extracted from plants, leaves and various barks. We source all of our plants and herbs from sustainable, family farms that are committed to earth-friendly farming practices. 


With the use of mordants, we are able to create beautiful shades of natural colors from a lighter to darker palette. You can dye either threads or fabrics with natural plant dyes, but we do recommend dyeing the threads to keep uniformity and consistency of color in the dyeing process.

Natural plant dyes create beautiful fabrics that are earth and skin friendly.


We are continuously deepening our knowledge and understanding of the power of plants so that we can share our mindfully crafted herbal dye blends with you!

To learn more about our natural plant dye services and fabrics, please contact us through our wholesale form.

You can learn more about Ayurvedic medicinal and natural plant dyes in our FAQs section.




Holistic Handlooms

Yoga & Meditation Mats and Accessories

In partnership with our weavers, we also create natural plant and medicinally dyed handloom yoga and meditation mats that support healing modalities.

AyurSatwa creates natural plant and Ayurvedic medicinally dyed handloom yoga mats, meditation mats and meditation cushions.


The process begins with our handspun, natural fiber threads that are first dyed in small batches and charged with the chanting of Sanskrit mantras during the dyeing process. We use our proprietary dye blends to offer mats that focus on particular healing energies and offer an array of soothing colors. 


The threads are then delivered to our weavers who hand weave each mat one piece at a time on wooden frame looms that are powered by muscle and sweat - not electricity! The mat designs are determined both by the desired energetic properties for the mat and the weaver’s expertise and experience in creating a tight and consistent weave for durability.

Once the weaving process is complete, our handloom yoga mats are then applied with natural latex to ensure a strong grip for a vigorous practice. Every yoga and meditation mat comes with a natural fiber carry bag, care instructions and information, and a soap-nut starter kit to keep your mat fresh and ready to use for a long time.

From fiber to finished product, it takes approximately 3-4 weeks to make our mats. Uplifting yoga and meditation accessories through medicinal dyes and the process of handloom aligns with the authentic spirit of Yoga and strengthens your practice so you can reap the full benefits of a holistic lifestyle. 


We are committed to investing in products and processes that support and uplift makers, users and the environment to create healthy and balanced communities that are connected to one another.


We believe that taking the time to make something with the right intention, right energy and right process creates something of beauty, meaning and value in the world.

Our Guiding Principles


Slow Craft

All of our products are made by hand, one piece at a time using techniques that originate in the longstanding weaving traditions of India. From fiber to fabric, it takes a minimum of 3 weeks to produce a yoga or meditation mat.

We believe that investing time to handcraft things slowly and mindfully creates products that are infused with positive energy and a circuit of abundance that connects people across boundaries.


Authentic Traditions

All of AyurSatwa’s products follow the ancient prescriptions of Ayurveda. We meticulously dye and infuse our threads with a combination of natural plant dyes and healing herbs according to a 5,000 year old system of wellness.

Gauri, AyurSatwa’s founder, is constantly expanding and honing her knowledge on Ayurvedic remedies, plant energetics, ancient dyeing techniques, and growing deeper in her spiritual practice. This devotion is reflected in all of AyurSatwa’s products and practices.


Craft Partnerships

Hand loomed and natural dye fabrics are an integral part of Indian culture. This tradition and craft is being kept alive by generations of weavers for whom weaving is not just a vocation, but a way of life.

AyurSatwa partners with communities to hand weave our fabrics, towels, and meditation and yoga mats. By investing in these partnerships, we weave a strong bond of community that ensures the highest quality products while uplifting and sustaining community ways of living.



We believe that we are all wards of our environment and it is our dharma and responsibility to preserve nature, healing plants and natural environments for generations to come. From product to packaging, we commit to supporting healthy lifestyles and communities.

All of our products are made using all natural cotton, plant dyes and medicinal herbs that sustainably sourced from small, natural and organic farms. Our processes ensure zero-waste and our use of non-toxic and all natural ingredients means that we make a minimal impact on the environment.

We love working with creative business owners and designers to offer our natural plant and medicinal dyeing expert services to create mindful lifestyle products for conscious consumers. Our natural and medicinal dyed yoga mats, meditation mats and cushions are also available for wholesale.


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